Cover Rescue Soothing Recovery Night Creme 30ml

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Cover Rescue Soothing Recovery Night Creme

Cover Rescue is a unique product designed originally by Claudia for use in her clinic to cover any skin trauma whilst protecting it from infection and speeding the recovery process, as nothing else existed anywhere in the cosmetics industry, with the same qualities! It has since been adopted not only by other approved beauty therapist’s and aesthetic therapists in their salons and clinic’s but even by several Harley street cosmetic surgeons for use by their clients after medical treatments, to great success! 

Cover Rescue also receives great acclaim from our celebrity clients (several referring to it as “The magic crème”) when they have suffered ‘break outs’ whilst filming or on live shows, as not only does it cover the blemish without irritating it, while they are being filmed, it helps the condition to recover at the same time. Which in this day and age of high definition cameras and high definition flat screen TV’s is even more of a challenge as they really need to look their best all of the time! This is Photoshop in a tube for the real world! 

Cover Rescue A highly concentrated skin rescue crème originally formulated to moisturise, cool, protect and calm the skin after the HERBAPEEL treatment also helping to cover redness and skin irritation, Additionally it acts to relieve and soothe distressed skin and accelerate skin healing, as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties making it excellent at protecting against infection. This makes it ideal for the treatment of skin traumas in much the same way as you would use a breathable plaster on a minor cut.


  • Made with natural & organic ingredients
  • Gentle formulation for sensitive skin
  • Uses actives known for their healing, antioxidant and regenerative qualities
  • No artificial fragrances or colours
  • No parabens
  • No animal testing
  • Proven in our clinics since 1999
  • Every batch is personally tested by Claudia before approval


Use twice a day on cleansed skin, applying a thick layer at night and a finer layer in the morning. Can be used under make-up, by simply blending in for perfect coverage.

Use whenever required to cover spots, skin irritation and redness. Apply with a cotton bud to cover the troubled area to form a breathable barrier with the outside world. Cover Rescue can be applied over night on larger problem areas, just like a mask or even in to the hairline, when suffering from eczema of the scalp.