Ultra Pro-Tech Daily Protection Moisturiser 30ml

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Ultra Pro-Tech Daily Protection Moisturiser

Ultra Pro-Tech feels light and comfortable on the skin it is a fragrance-free protection crème with vitamin E and high UVA, UVB ratings.

Ultra Pro-Tech with its all year round, daily protective formula helps to defend against the damaging effects of the sun especially in the weeks after intense skin treatments like derma rollers, skin peels, Microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing or just for every day use to help filter the suns ageing effects.


A light daily moisturizer with added high UV protection that defends against environmental aggressions known to cause skin discolouration and premature ageing. Rich in vitamin E, the moisturizer enhances the skin’s regeneration, to deliver a healthy look and feel. Ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive or reactive skin.

Apply to face and neck in the morning or before exposure to sun. Massage in, using light upward strokes.